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Argolida is located in Peloiponniso. It is an area that can be easily accessed by various means, such as car, local bus transportation (KTEL) or even by passenger ship, depending the season and the routes.

Bus Services (KTEL)

Visitors from Athens can benefit from easy and quick access to various cities in Argolida such as Argos, Nafplio, Lygourio, Epidauros and Kranidi. The bus station (KTEL) in Athens is at 100 Kifisou Avenue, from where the buses leave for all the areas mentioned above. From Argos there are frequent routes for various smaller villages in Argolida and daily routes for Nafplio, Mycenae and Nemea. Argolida’s bus services connect the city of Nafplio with various other places in the nome. Specifically the routes are: Vivari- Kantia- Iria, Ancient Asini Castle- Tolo, Asclypeiou Theater (Epidauros)- Lygourio. There are also routes to Ancient Epidauros, Drepano, New Kio, Kiberi and Mycenae.

From Nafplio travelers can also use the bus services in order to have access to other nomes of Peloponnisos, as well as Athens. There are also routes to Corinth, Patra, Galata, Tsipolis, Sparta, Astors, Tyros, Leonidio, Kalamata and Pyrgos (via Tripolis).

The buses depart from the Peloponissos’ station towards Kraanidi. However there is no transfer bus for Porto Cheli. The arrival point is at the city center where there is a taxi stand (tel. +30 27540 22111).


Athens KTEL +30 210 - 5134588

Nafplio KTEL +30 27520 027323, +30 2752 027423

Argos KTEL +30 2751 069323


By car:

If a visitor decides to access Argolida by car, s/he can easily and quickly do so. The distance from Athens is around 150 kilometers with can be covered in 1.5 hours, by taking the national road Athens- Tripoli. When entering the national road, drivers should go towards Corinth and then follow the signs first for Tsipoli and later for Nafplio and Argos.

 For Hermioni one should take the national road Athens- Corinth, take the exit for Epidauros and follow the signs till they reach their destination. It is about 2.5 hours from Athens.

In order to go to Epidauros, one should take the national road Athens- Corinth. At the height where the Isthmus of Corinth is, there are signs to follow. The road from the Isthmus till the Ancient Theater of Epidraumos is a sight for sore eyes. Although it is less than an hour away, it is quite tiring since there are a lot of turns.

Porto Cheli is 172 kilometers away from Athens, from which 70 are on a high way. Once reached the Isthmus of Corinth follow the same direction towards the ancient theatre of Epidauros. Right after the forest of Sofikou, the road leads a crossroad. The bridge leads to ancient Epidauros and at the right there are signs that show the way to Porto Cheli. From that point onwards the road becomes a bit tricky since there are a few turns in order to Koliaki. Once passing through Tracheia, visitors can arrive to Didyma.

By Ship:

Argolida can also be accessed by passenger ships during the summer months. From the port of Peireus boats go to Tolo, Nafplio, Epidauros and Hermioni.

Another option would be for travelers to take a passenger ship from Peireus to the island of Poros. From there they reach across to Galatas. From Galatas, Porto Cheli is a 52 kilometers drive on a narrow road with a lot of turns.

Depending on the season there are Flying Dolphins that leave from Argolida. They make stops to the islands of Spetses, Hermioni, Ydra and Poros till they arrive to the port of Peireus.

From Porto Cheli there are also voyages for Leonidio, Kyparisi, Geraka, Monemvasia, Kythira and Naples.


Peireus Coast Guard Office: +30 210-4147800

Porto Cheli Coast Guard Office: +30 27540-53333

Epidauros Coast Guard Office: +30 27530-41216

Nafplio Coast Guard Office: +30 27520-27022

Hermioni Coast Guard Office: +30 27540-31243

Distances of Nafplio from other cities in kilometers

Nafplio- Argos: Athens: Thessaloniki: Ioannina: Igoumenitsa: Patra: Volos: Kalamata: Sparta: Chalkida: Karpenisi: Alexandroupoli:

  11 klm 137 klm. 587 klm. 408 klm. 447 klm. 183 klm. 404 klm. 156 klm. 123 klm. 208 klm. 372 klm. 925 klm.

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