Argolis - Nature

One could argue that Argolida’s nature is the least explored part of the area, and yet the most beautiful. The vinery in the mountains, the orange trees in the mainland and the unexplored caves are only a few of Argolida’s hidden secrets.

When in Argolida visitors can enjoy the natural beauty without having to look too far. Artemisio Mountain, right next to Karya village, is easy to climb and offers great view and an unforgettable experience in the wilderness. In order to reach the secluded and beaches of Ermionida County, one has to walk through the imposing plateau of Arachnaiou, 1200 meters high.

Wild sceneries, bare mountains with dents, like that of Didymoi, and caves, like the prehistoric one of Frachthi and the caves of Kefalariou, which once was a refuge for the fighters of the trevolution in 1821 and ancients trails that go through the wilderness, are some of the characteristics of Argolida’s nature. At the shores of Erasinou River there are flocks of migrating birds. There are also green forests with olive trees, hundreds of years old, whose trunks resemble delicate statues that add to the magic feeling of the place. There are forest trails to follow which are “guarded” by wild goats and hidden coves to discover, before reaching the Gulf of Argolida.

Argolida’s beautiful nature is sure to awaken the nature lover in you. Dare to discover it!

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