Agios Georgios

 Agios Georgios is the most historical church of Arachova, as around the temple was unfolded one of the most important battles in the course of the struggle of the Greeks for freedom and independence. On 18th November 1826, the Greek troops under George Karaiskakis met in the courtyard of Agios Georgios the Turkish army and they attacked to them, in order to cause distraction from the siege of Athens and to intercept the supply to the North. The battle has lasted six days; it was victorious over the Greeks and of a great importance. It was, in parallel, the battle at Agios that has established Georgios Karaiskakis in the minds of the competitors and in history as one of the most important leaders of the liberation struggle of the Greeks. At this point of the battle is now a bust of the hero, situated on three hundred stone bullets.

In the celebration of Agios Georgios takes place in Arachova the Festival, the three-day celebration that keeps from Byzantium. Agios Georgios is the center of events, where this traditional dance takes place, it is heard the song and all the events unfold. The Festiaval of Agios Georgios is for Arachova the biggest celebration of the city and it usually takes place on Monday of Easter.

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