Metropolis of Arachova

Metropolis of Arachova is dedicated to Holy Mary, at the presentation of the Virgin Mary, and is it is located next to the Rock of Time, on which is built the historical town clock. It is celebrated on 21th of November, according to the calendar of the Orthodox Church. The Metropolis of Arachova celebrates on 10th of February, as here are saved the relics of Agios Charalambos.

The church of the Metropolis of Arachova that we see today was built immediately after the Revolution of 1821. Historical documents, however, dating since 1676 host reports for the Metropolis of Arachova, the church that was at this point in the center of the village. The causes of the destruction of the original build are not currently known. The tower of the clock that is situated just next has originally used as the steeple of the metropolitan church.

The Metropolis of Arachova, its historical clock that was built in the 18th century and the old elementary school that now serves as Folk Museum are one of the main attractions of the picturesque town of Parnassus.

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