Parnassus Ski Center

The idea of ​​creating the Parnassus Ski Center began in the 1970s, by the workers in the aluminum industry in Aspra Spitia of Boeotia. The first Parnassus Ski Center opened in 1974 and was that in Gerontovrachos. Three years later, the first official Parnassus Ski Center was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister K. Karamanlis in Fterolakka, under the supervision of E.O.T. From 1981 until today operating at Kelaria.

Parnassus Ski Centre starring at the preferences of skiers, as it is very close to Athens, Lamia and Patras. The access from Arachova, Gravia, and Eptalophos is very easy. It contains a lot of facilities in order satisfy all the visitors.

The Parnassus Ski Center has 19 pistes, 7 ski trails , 10 trails and three mini beginner pistes with a total length of about 36 km . The pistes are long descent of 50 m to 4 km for beginners, intermediate and expert skiers. For adventure’s lovers, there are 12 off – pistes “black” trails with deep snow for incredible adrenaline. The pistes No6 Charioteer, No8 Heracles, No9 Odysseus and No2 Bacchus of Parnassus Ski Center are certified by the International Ski Federation (FIS Homologation) for organizing international ski races.

Cafes, restaurants, ski schools, even if babysitting services are available for the visitors of Parnassus Ski Center. There is access by almost all sides of the mountain and by extension, from any place of Greece. You will not find in any time of the year problem as roads are constantly clear from the snow.

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