Chania - Rivers

Crystal blue waters, fine sand in all shades of white, beige and pink and white pebbles, crowded or deserted, Chania beaches rank among the most impressive of all Greece. It is no coincidence that at times, lists of the best beaches in the world in the international media include Bali, Elafonisi and the beach Agiannis on Gavdos.

You will find endless sandy beaches primarily in the northern coastline of Chania, where one can swim even within the limits of the city, for example in Koum Kapi. Georgioupolis, Almyrida and of course the vast beach of Platanias are some of the beaches of Chania that attract many visitors daily. The beaches in Akrotiri are of a quite unique, wild beauty, exemplified by the Seitan Limania. Chania is also one of the few areas of the country where one can enjoy swimming in a lake, the impressive Kournas in Vamos.

Moving to the south, from the west, we find Falasarna, a stunning sandy beach, very large in size, with clear blue waters and one of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen. On the northwest coast of Chania lies Balos, the huge rock which is connected with the shore by a sandy lagoon, creating one of the most impressive landscapes of Crete. Even further south, one of the beaches of Chania that one should not overlook visiting, is Elafonisi. An island of sand, joined with the coast by a narrow sandy strip. Shallow waters, reminiscent not of the Mediterranean, but of the Caribbean sea.

Paleochora, with Pachia Ammos is also considered one of the best beaches of Chania, as are those of all the small villages of the southern coastline. There are many people who choose to spend their entire holidays in Sfakia, Loutro, Agia Roumeli or Sougia and Fragokastello, enjoying the spectacular beaches of the Libyan Sea.

Regarding, finally, Gavdos, the southernmost part of Europe, you will be impressed with its shores, its brown, thick sand and the big waves that will remind you more of exotic beaches and less of the Mediterranean.

  • River Tiflos

    The River Tiflos passes through the gorge Topolia.

  • Ποταμός Αλμυρός

    O ποταμός Αλμυρός (που είναι γνωστός και ως Δέλφινα) μεταφέρει τα νερά της Λίμνης Κουρνά στο Κρητικό Πέλαγος.

  • River Almiros

    The river Almiros carries the waters of Lake Kourna to the Cretan Sea.

  • River Kladisos

    The river Kladisos flows into the bay of Chania, west from the beach of Nea Chora.

  • River Tauronitis

    In the delta of the river Tauronitis, a natural wetland has formed, which is a natural habitat for many species of fauna.

  • River Keritis

    The River Keritis of Chania stems from the village Meskla, crosses the fertile basin of Alikianos and flows into the beach of Platanias.

  • River Kiliaris

    River Kiliaris is one of the largest on Crete and traverses Apokoronas, in the north of Crete.

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