Chania - Tradition

The entire region of Chania is one of the few places on earth, where so many different civilizations have left their mark. Ancient Greek ruins, spanning from the Minoan to the Classical era, Byzantine monuments, Venetian castles and monasteries, buildings and mosques from the times of the Turkish and Egyptian rule, as well as contemporary monuments - this is the unique cultural mosaic of Chania.

Some of the cultural attractions are the monuments, such as the Tombs of Venizeli, the building of the Municipal Market of Chania, Splantzia, the Venetian Port, the Santrivani, etc. The religious monuments that adorn the town, like the Dominican Temple of Agios Nicholaos, Agios Rokkos, the Virgin Mary of Miracles, the Cathedral of Chania and the other contemporary churches and monasteries, are all elements of the region' s culture.

The archaeological sites are strewn all over the region of Chania, from the inland to the shores, bearing witness to the antiquity of the region's culture: ancient Irtakina, Eliros, the ruins of ancient Kydonia are just some of the excavation sites, findings from which are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Chania, as well as other museums.

All the invaders that passed from Chania built their own castles, whose ruins show the visitors the culture of that era. From the Turkish castles to the Byzantine bastions and the Venetian walls, all wanted to preserve the beauties of Chania in the best way possible.

Another element of the culture of Chania are the lighthouses, with the main one being the Egyptian Lighthouse, the trademark of the Venetian Port of the town.

  • Χόρτα

    Δεκάδες είναι τα είδη των χόρτων και των αρωματικών φυτών, που καθημερινά οι Κρητικοί καταναλώνουν ωμά σε σαλάτες ή βραστά ή μαγειρεμένα σε παραδοσιακές συνταγές όπως είναι π.χ. οι πίτες.

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