Museum of the Acritans of Europe

The Museum of the Acritans of Europe is housed in the center of Paleochora, in the municipality of Kantanos – Selino, in the old boarding house, next to the medieval castle of the region.

It was created by the Folklore Centre of the Academy of Athens and it is the only museum in the world that describes through its exhibits the tradition of the Acritans of European populations.

The main purpose of the Museum of the Acritans of Europe is both a dissemination of elements of the common European culture, which has its origin in Greco-Roman antiquity and Byzantium, and secondly the animation of the border area that hosts it, creating a space for research, study, entertainment and social awareness.

The oversight material of the Museum of the Acritans of Europe highlights the common cultural heritage of the peoples of Europe. The permanent exhibition tries to highlight in particular the fact that beyond the border contrasts and conflicts of confrontations of organized warriors and a variety of political, economic and national interests, there are also bridges.

Such bridges are the songs, dances, festivals, art, love and intermarriage, trade, financial transactions and various cultural exchanges.

The Museum of the Acritans of Europe presents to the European public and showcases the priceless values ​​of peaceful coexistence in a strongly (especially today) multicultural living environment. It notes the timeliness of reports of songs and texts from border areas.

Educational programs for schools take place throughout the year.

Address: Paleochora Chania

Phone: 00302823042265, 00306979228604

e-mail: [email protected]

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