Aromatic plants

There are dozens of species of aromatic plants and herbs, daily used by the Cretans in their traditional recipes. As Chania is a rich place with fertile soil and pristine nature, the aromatic plants grow wild and the mild climate helps in their development.

The most popular aromatic plants that are used variously as beverages or to spice the food are the following:

• Diktamos

• Malotira

• Oregano

• Sage

• Marjoram

• Aladanos

• Rosemary

All these types of herbs are biological, since they grow in meadows, on beaches, rocks and are not cultivated, thus not sprayed with pesticides.

The Cretans collect herbs from the areas where they grow, at the appropriate for each season, either to use them fresh in cooking, or to dry them, so they can be used in their cooking all year round.

Many of these types of plants are known to have been used in the diet of the locals since ancient times.

The world of high gastronomy systematically uses the aromatic plants of Crete, which you will find in every Cretan house, every kitchen and in every restaurant.

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