Crete produces three of the types of cheese exported from Greece and they all have Protected Designation of Origin inside the European Union. These are the Gruyere (graviera) of Crete, xinomyzithra and Pichtogalo of Chania.

There is a big variety of types of cheese and dairy products, that come mainly from the sheep herds, the goats and a few cows grazing in the lowlands of Chania and not only.

In Crete, cheese is consumed at all hours of the day, from morning until late at night, as an accompaniment or as a main snack, as an appetizer or as a dessert.

You will always find cheese on the Cretan table and its quality rivals the top qualities of dairy products abroad. Of course, it is a basic ingredient for countless recipes of foods and desserts.

If you find yourself on the island you should definitely try and of course buy some of these cheeses. The most familiar types are:

• Anthotyros

• Galomyzithra

• Gruyere (graviera) of Crete

• Pichtogalo of Chania

• Kefalotiri

• Malaka

• Mizithra

• Xinomyzithra

• Staka

• Tyrozouli

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