Cretan Honey

The importance of honey in the diet of people was known to the inhabitants of Crete since the antiquity.

The Cretan honey, the honeycomb and royal jelly are among the products whose production was always prominent in Chania, as Crete is a place rich in native plants, such as thyme, sage, padding, oregano, pine, acacias, arbutus, eucalyptus and citrus crops.

The processing of Cretan honey is also done in a natural way, without high temperatures that destroy the vitamins. According to official figures in Crete operate more than 2,000 beekeepers, while the island is ranked among the top four regions of honey production nationwide.

For the best quality of Cretan honey, the beekeepers transfer their hives depending on the flowering, to a different place each time. So, early in the spring it is at orange groves and generally at low altitudes that the bees collect the nectar from flowering plants and later in the year they are moved to higher altitudes, when the aromatic plants and herbs bloom, especially the thyme that gives the Cretan honey its unique characteristics.

The harvest of the honeycombs for the Cretan honey is held from July to September.

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