Cretan Wedding

The Cretan wedding is celebrated until today in keeping with the traditional rituals of centuries in Crete and, of course, in Chania.

The preparations of the Cretan wedding last for months, while the guests are hundreds, usually all the inhabitants of the settlements, as among the guests are the relatives, friends and neighbors of the families.

The festivities after the Cretan wedding definitely go on until dawn: songs, serenades, dances and a feast with live music, compose the atmosphere of the celebration. There are specific dances for the bride, the groom and the best man, like also for the other people of the Cretan wedding.

It is also a true feast, with a multitude of dishes offered at the tables of the Cretan weddings, with the main dish being, of course, gamopilafo. You will also definitely try xerotigana, the traditional wedding dessert of Chania and of all Crete.

The local Cretan wine and traditional raki keep the glasses filled and the fun soaring. Although it is a forbidden custom, it is unlikely that a Cretan wedding will pass without balothies, i.e. shots in the air as a sign of joy and celebration.

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