The cave Demonospilios is located near the entrance of the Samaria Gorge. The crossing of the gorge starts from the region of Xiloskalo, i.e. a plateau at the end of the paved road on the plateau of Omalos.

There, you will find the Information Center of the Division of Forestry Chania and two tourist kiosks (in which operate restaurants – bars) with view of the peaks Pachnes (2,453 m), Gigilos (1,983 m) and Volakia (2,116 m).

Going down the steps of the path of Xiloskalo, the landscape is domineered by the gray mountain Gigilos, while far down lies the abyss of the canyon. On the slope of Linoselino, to the east of Gigilos, is one of the largest chalasedes of Crete.

A large pile of small ashy stones, on top of which is the source of Linoselino at an altitude of 1.450 meters, with running cold water with digestive properties.

In the same area, there is also the Demonospilios, which in antiquity probably functioned as an oracle and according to legend was a den of Fairies.

According to the legends of the area, in Demonospilios the locals heard music and the dances of the fairies and from Demonospilios managed to escape the legendary hero of Lakkon, Drakos, who was a prisoner of the mythical creatures.

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