The settlement Falassarna is located on the west coast of Crete, is 59 km from Chania and it is located 17 kilometers west of Kissamos. The region is famous for its magnificent coastline with five successive beaches, divided by dunes and has the total length of three kilometers. It is a resort with many accommodation possibilities and options.

Falassarna is today one of the most famous destinations on the island, both for its beaches but also for reasons of ecological interest. The surrounding area Falassarna also has joined the project Natura 2000, due to the variety of flora and fauna, but also for its unique natural beauty.

Facing Falassarna by the hill from the village of Platanos, you will see many greenhouses, since the area is ideal for the cultivation of vegetables.

In the archaeological site, which is currently in Falassarna, one can see the ruins of the ancient city. It was dedicated to the nymph Falasarni and flourished in the 4th and 3rd centuries BC.

The city was rich, had its own currency and a great naval power, but its revenue mainly comes from piracy activities. It was destroyed by the Romans in 69 BC, while the entrance to the archaeological site is free.

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