There is no way you will visit Crete and especially Chania and miss trying gamopilafo, one of the most typical dishes of the region.

Gamopilafo is one of the most delicious dishes of the cuisine of Chania and of all Crete. It combines rice and meat. It got its name (gamos – marriage, pilafi – rice dish, pilaf) from the fact that meat did not use to be part of the daily ration, due to poverty, and it was one of the dishes served during festive events and more specifically on weddings.

In Chania, you can enjoy gamopilafo everywhere, as it is served in restaurants and traditional taverns as a main dish, but also on every celebration and joyful event in every home. Once the meat is cooked well and for hours (goat, lamb, veal, beef, chicken, even pork), then the broth is used to boil the rice that will accompany the meat and put together you have gamopilafo, one of the most exquisite delights that you are going to try in your life!

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