Kournas is a village perched on a hill, almost unaffected by tourism. A visit at Kournas is like a time travel to the past. The village belongs to the municipality of Apokoronas with approximately 500 permanent inhabitants. Kournas is located at an altitude of 200 meters at the foothills of Dafnomadara Mountain, 47 km away from Chania.

The only freshwater lake in Crete, Lake Kournas, is nearby the village, at a small distance of 2km. In the spring the lake is filled with more water and the blossomed scenery disarms every visitor. In the summer, visitors can enjoy swimming in the clear waters.

Between Kournas Lake and the village of Kournas is the cave of Kournas with an excellent view of the lake. Although it is relatively small, of only 35 meters depth, it has many stalactites and stalagmites that will definitely impress you. If you visit the cave in the afternoon, it is totally dark except for some small beams of light shining, making the cave absolutely stunning.

The old houses, the village square, the ceramic workshop across from the large cafe are the first things that a visitor notices during a visit at Kournas. Georgioupolis is only six kilometers away and there you can find everything you need.

Agios Georgios is a church built during the Byzantine period and it presents architectural elements that were later added, during the Venetian period.

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