Lake of Krios

Those who argue that Crete has it all, are not exaggerating! Where else can you swim in the sea next to ancient columns? The ruins of the Hellenistic city Viena are at the beach of the Lake of Krios and they are visible even in the water!

Lake of Krios or Viena is located 10 km west of Paleochora and 90 km south of Chania.

The beach of Lake of Krios is mainly rocky and, in some places, sandy. It is protected by a wide range of rocks, forming a small lake. There is no infrastructure in the area and next to the beach there is plenty of vegetation, where you can find shade.

Access by land is not easy as there is no signage which makes Lake of Krios one of the most unknown and isolated beaches. But you can get there by car if you ask for precise directions at Paleochora, because it is quite a complicated route through dirt roads.

Next to the beach passes the E4 path and connects Paleochora with Elafonisi. If you take this path you will reach Lake of Krios, located east of the beach of Krios in 30 minutes.

It is believed that the ancient Viena was a Hellenistic – Roman sanctuary with a temple that once stood here. One can still see the rectangular base of the temple.

If you use a mask, you will live a unique experience in Lake of Krios: many fish find  shelter in the ancient graves on the seabed.

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