In Crete the local meat is still processed in the traditional way, creating many different unforgettable flavors. Some of these are:

• The singlino

Pork marinated in a mixture of herbs, spices from the mountains and stamnagathi, grilled to bring to your table the tradition of the village with all the smells and flavors of Cretan tradition.

• The apaki

It is a Cretan delicacy of salted pork, marinated in vinegar, smoked in herbs and wrapped in a layer of spices and herbs, giving it a characteristic aromatic and slightly sour taste.

• Sausages

Pork mixed with spices of the mountains, left to marinate for 24 hours and then grilled. Fried or charbroiled or cooked in a saucepan or in the microwave with legumes, vegetables, eggs, artichokes, etc.

• The Omathies

Cretan sausages of pork intestine stuffed with liver, spleen, hondros– similar to trahanas – or rice, almonds, raisins, onion and cooked in the pot. In the old days the used to boil them thoroughly in plenty of water, let them dry and preserve mostly during the cold season. The Cretans argue that the roots of Cretan sausages go all the way back to the Minoan era. This preparation resembles a type of food described by Homer in the Odyssey.

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