Ntakos is a famous traditional dish of Crete that you will find in all restaurants and taverns of Chania. It consists of barley rusk, resembling a large donut in shape, cut in half.

The cooks, after slightly soaking it in water – because it is extremely hard and compact – add on its top crushed tomatoes, olive oil and cheese (feta cheese or sour cheese). To complete this delicious dish they add salt, oregano and pepper and sometimes olives or capers.

Ntakos is a ​​very easy and quick dish. It is a complete and nutritious meal that you will taste in every house. It is of course suitable for those who mind their diet and is extremely hearty.

On Crete, ntakos is also served in fine restaurants and is a special delight. It is a delicious delicacy, but also a special combination of pure natural local products!

The Cretan rusk is the basic raw material for the ntakos, widespread among today’s consumers due to its high quality, because of the pure natural products  used to its production but also because of its high dietary value.

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