Olive oil

Olive oil is a key element of the Greek diet and of course characterizes the diet of the inhabitants of Crete, famous for their longevity.

Crete and especially Chania has a lot of olive groves many of which are centenarians. The monumental olive tree in Vuves, in Chania, has an estimated age of 5,000 years.

In Chania an excellent quality of olive oil is produced and the olive products from the local varieties are internationally recognized.

The cultivation of the olive and the production of olive oil play an important role in the local economy and the export trade of the country, as the olive oil is one of the few Greek natural products that are exported abroad.

The cultivation of olives of course is a hard agricultural work, but Cretans are used to manage the land in order to produce the best result, favored also by the microclimate, especially in the lowland areas.

Famous chefs all around the world prefer the Cretan olive oil as an important ingredient for tasty and healthy food.

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