Olives are not only an edible agricultural product, but when pressed, it gives us wonderful olive oil. It is a key ingredient of life, health and ultimately the culture of the inhabitants of Greece, of Crete and Chania.

The olive is the fruit of the trees growing on Crete for millennia. Ιn Chania you will find – and do not miss to see them up close – monumental olive trees, whose age according to the measurements of scientists, reaches 5,000 years.

The utility and usefulness of the olive’s fruit for the human body is known and it is due to its rich nutrients. The olive fruit processed, as it served on our table, contains olive oil and proteins – with all major amino acids – sugars, tannins, etc.

The olives cultivated in Chania are plentiful and divided into several varieties (Psilolis, Kolumpades, Stafidoelies or Throumbolia, Tsounates, Green Tsakistes etc.).

There are olive trees that are suitable for immediate consumption after maturation, others intended for canning, and those that produce the most oil. From the fruit of the olive tree and its remnants soap is also produced and from its core fuel is made.

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