Pies of Chania

The pies of Chania and other dishes that are made with crust, which is fried in oil or baked in the oven, are very popular traditional recipes generally in Crete and, specifically, in Chania.

The crust of the pies, either in the form of batter or a more compact dough, hugs the tasty myzithra, the spinach, cheese (ricotta, ataka, etc.), herbs, vegetables, eggs and meat (usually lamb). And the options do not stop here.

In the sweet pies of Chania the “experts” usually add cinnamon and honey. The combinations are dozens but the main variations of the pies of Chania and the dishes that you have to definitely try in Chania are:

• Kalitsounia with myzithra

• Kalitsounia with herbs

• Kalitsounia mixed

• Pie from Sfakia

• Marathopites

• Kreatotourtes

The crust, the pastry or the batter, which surrounds the filling of the pie, is never standardized. It is prepared on the spot by chefs or cooks in the traditional taverns and the fashionable restaurants, from the busiest resorts on the island to the cafes in most mountainous villages.

For its preparation local flour is commonly used, made from local grain. The pie from Sfakia, for example, has myzithra, and is served always with honey and is a sweet delicacy with few calories.

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