Plain of Kidonia

The Plain of Kidonia begins at the foothills of the White Mountains and ends at the northern coast of Crete. It extends to the southwest and south of the city, but substantially surrounds the capital of the prefecture, Chania.

In the fertile soils of the Plain of Kidonia, the farmers of Chania cultivate all the rich products of the Cretan land: olives, vines, citrus and many other fruits beautify the landscape and support its people.

The Plain of Kidonia got its name from the ancient city of Kidonia, which was built on the spot where now stands the city of Chania.

Because of the favorable climate of the island, the intensive agriculture and the crops in greenhouses of the Plain of Kidonia are highly efficient and supply with agricultural products the entire Greece and not only Crete.

The orchards here bear fruit throughout the year. During the flowering of the citruses in spring, the beauty of the landscape and the fragrances of the flowers of the orange trees, the tangerines, lemons and grapefruits, transform the Plain of Kidonia into an earthly paradise.

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