The tampachaniotika are a kind of traditional folk songs that do not originate from Crete. They are known as the Anatolian songs created by the Greek populations of Asia Minor from the mid-18th century until the years of the great disaster of 1922. They passed into the Cretan repertoire through the population movements towards the island and today they are part of the Cretan tradition.

The tampachaniotika songs were adapted to the rising bourgeoisie of the Cretans and were sang mainly by the residents in the towns of Chania and Rethymnon. The tampachaniotika are accompanied by the musical instrument boulgari and other stringed instruments.

The tampachaniotika (or manedes) are non- dancing songs. Their name comes from tampachanedes as are called the tanneries in Crete. In the districts of tanners, in Tabakaria, they used to sing tampachaniotika, a tradition still kept today.

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