The Temple of Agios Rokkos

The Temple of Agios Rokkos was built in 1630 and is located on the northwestern corner of the Splantzia square, in the center of the Old Town of Chania. The temple was probably built after a plague epidemic, as it is commonly known that Agios Rokkos was the protector against this epidemic. Closely located is also the Dominican Monastery of Agios Nicholas.

The Temple of Agios Rokkos is preserved in an excellent condition and remains open to visitors. The floor plan is round with a triangular pediment on the facade, which constitutes the distinctive feature of the temple. Under the cornice, in the southern side, there is a Latin inscription: «DEO O(PTIMO).M.(AXIMO) ET D(IVO). ROCCO DICATVM. M.D.CXXX.», which means “dedicated to the excellent and grand God and to the Saint (Agios) Rokkos 1630”.

During the Ottoman rule in Chania, the Temple of Agios Rokkos was used as a military guardhouse. It is said that the Ottoman conquerors avoided its destruction in fear, because they were aware of the Saint’s power to protect against the plague. Up until 1925 the temple served as the headquarters of the military police of the city, and since then the Temple of Agios Rokkos remains one of the most important Venetian monuments of Chania.

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