The village Topolia of Chania, with about 170 inhabitants, situated at an altitude of 280 meters and is 47 km from Chania and 16 km from Kastelli. The lush landscape and the traditional character of the village will enchant the visitor. At a short distance from the village starts the gorge Topolia.

The rocks of the gorge are vertical and high and from it passes the River Tiflos, which originates from Mount Dikaios, while along there is easy hiking trail.

At the beginning of the narrow portion, near about the Topolia, there is the cave of Agia Sophia with stalactites and stalagmites and a chapel built in its entrance.

The small traditional houses in Topolia, with green roofs, narrow streets and the green in village attract more and more visitors. There are infrastructures for the guests, as there you will find shops and tourist accommodations. The inhabitants are mostly farmers and ranchers, that’s why there is village’s mill and flour mill.

The name Topolia means leuka in Slavic, the famous tree, so we encounter the name and in other villages of Greece. According to some scholars, however, the word is derived from the combination of the words “place” and “olive” (= Topolia).

According to the expert geologists, around Topolia are encountered sedimentary rocks, which are considered the oldest in Crete, we often refer as “krokalopagi of Topolia.”

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