Chania is ideal – because of its climate – for the cultivation of vineyards that produce high quality wine.

Everywhere on Crete you will have the chanceto taste white, red, pink and black wine. Most of the villages in Chania have their own vineyards. And those who have no land purchase famous local wine grape varieties to produce their own wine to enjoy it all year with relatives and friends.

The wine is part of the culture of the residents of Chania. They never drink it alone, as the consumption of wine is an element of companionship and social relationship. They drink together, laugh and discuss.

The current wineries of Crete use traditional grape varieties and the experience of centuries. This tradition is of course consistent with the modern knowledge and technology.

Crete has bottled wines with the Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP), as well as local wines and bulk wines reserved and aged in wood, glass, stainless steel barrels that are of equally good quality.

Some of the varieties grown in Chania are:

• Liatiko

• Kotsifali

• Ladikino

• Karinian

• Vilana

• Athyri

• Thrapsathiri

In Chania, and Kissamos in particular, dominates the variety “Romaiiko” that is characteristic of the whole wine production of the county.

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