Corfu - Archaeological Sites

The main Archaeological sites of the island are situated in the region of Palaiopoli, the region where the ancient city of Corfu was located, surrounded by the lagoon of Chalikiopoulos, Kanoni, Mon Repos  and the bay of Garitsa. The Archaeological sites are a testimony of the trails left behind by a flourishing society from the 8th century B.C. until the 6th century A.D.

In this area you will see the Temple of Artemis Gorgon in the region of Stratia, the Temple of Kardaki  in Analipsi, the Kerameikos in Figaretto  near Kanoni and the Monument of Menekrates.

Ancient findings of the Roman era have been revealed in Benitses where the ruins of the Roman Bath  are situated but also in Acharavi where the archaeological site is also open to the public in order to see the Roman Baths which were most probably a part of a Roman Villa.

  • Roman Baths in Benitses

    The Roman Baths in Benitses are very well maintained and are situated inside the modern settlement.

  • Palaiopoli

    Palaiopoli, the ancient city of Corfu, is today the most significant archaeological site of the island with many ancient sights such as the ancient market.

  • Temple of Kardaki

    The temple of Kardaki is the best preserved ancient temple of Corfu, situated in Palaiopoli, inside the Mon Repos estate.

  • Monument of Menekrates

    The Monument of Menekrates is a circular, stone tomb, constructed during the 6th century B.C. and has one of the oldest inscriptions.

  • Kerameikos in Figaretto

    In Kerameikos in Figaretto of Corfu visitors can see up close an ancient ceramic workshop where, furnaces are saved but, also a well.

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