Corfu - Buildings

  • Philharmonic Society of Skripero

    The Philharmonic Society of Skripero was founded in 1909 and offers ever since significant services for the musical development of the children in the area.

  • Philharmonic of Sinarades

    The Philharmonic of Sinarades was founded in 1961 and has, apart from its adult band, a band of students.

  • Philharmonic of Korakiana «Spyros Samaras»

    The Philharmonic of Korakiana «Spyros Samaras» was founded in 1958 and is one the greatest musical societies of the island.

  • Philharmonic of Kontokali

    The Philharmonic of Kontokali participates in all the cultural events of the region.

  • Philharmonic of Kato Korakiana

    The Philharmonic of Kato Korakiana «Gerasimos Markoras» was founded in 1982 and was named this way in order to honor the great Corfiot poet.

  • Philharmonic Society «Mantzaros»

    The Philharmonic Society «Mantzaros» with the characteristic blue and white color of its uniform, counts over 120 years of life.

  • Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi

    The Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi maintains a band, a bandina, an orchestra and the dancing group Kantrilies.

  • Philharmonic Society of Corfu

    The Philharmonic Society of Corfu or else the «Old Philharmonic», is the oldest musical-educational organization in all of Greece.

  • Philharmonic of Gastouri

    The Philharmonic of Gastouri is the oldest Philharmonic of the Greek countryside, founded in 1898.

  • Philharmonic of Kynopiastes

    The Philharmonic of Kynopiastes has about 80 musicians.

  • Philharmonic Union of Corfu «Kapodistrias»

    The Philharmonic Union of Corfu «Kapodistrias» was founded in 1980 and is one of the largest musical unions of Corfu.

  • Musical Artistic Union of Lefkimmaion

    The Musical Artistic Union of Lefkimmaion offers its services to this city since 1910.

  • Conservatory of Corfu

    The Conservatory of Corfu is the second oldest conservatory in Greece. It was founded in 1894.

  • Corfiot Stage

    The Corfiot Stage is a theatrical society with intense activity in the theatrical happenings of the island.

  • Corfiot Kantada and Mantolinata

    The Corfiot Kantada and Mantolinata is the oldest choral society of the island.

  • Historical Archive of Corfu

    The Historical Archive of Corfu is one of the richest in all of Greece and has documents from the 14th century.

  • Society of Corfiot Studies

    The Society of Corfiot Studies which, organizes numerous cultural events, is housed in the residence of the national poet of Greece, Dionysios Solomos.

  • Municipal Theater of Corfu

    The Municipal Theater of Corfu is the newest member of the Municipal Theaters as it was founded in 1997 but, it has presented very significant performances.

  • The Municipal Choir of Corfu

    The Municipal Choir of Corfu has been very active in the field of classical music and takes part in the major events of the island.

  • Astronomical Society of Corfu

    The Astronomical Society of Corfu is the first astronomical society established in Greece in 1927. Today it presents very significant work in Astronomy.

  • Reading Society of Corfu

    The Reading Society of Corfu is the oldest spiritual institution of modern Greece, with rich spiritual action for more than 170 years.

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