Corfu - Lakes

The countryside of Corfu is filled with small, scattered lakes, lakes that wait for you to discover and to admire the tranquility of their waters and also the lush flora and fauna which are gathered in these small wetlands.

A very beautiful group of lakes is located in the north-eastern end of the island, in the region of Erimitis. The lakes Akoli, Savoura  and Vromolimni, are surrounded by dense vegetation and are situated in an amazing position, as all three are next to beautiful, virgin beaches.

Another significant wetland, consisted of dozens of small lakes is situated in the center of the island, between the villages Skripero, Poulades, Gardelades and Tebloni. The most significant of these, are the Lakes of Gaidarana[u10]  which are accessible through a beautiful route, Kavourolimni, Skoteini  and the Lake Brentanou.

Naturally, the three largest lakes of the island, Lake Korission, the Lagoon of Antiniotis and the Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos, are unique destinations of great ecological importance and rare beauty. You can learn more about these lakes in the section nature sightseeing .

  • Skoteini

    Skoteini is a small lake in the Danillia region, into a verdant environment with rich, aquatic life.

  • Savoura

    Savoura in Corfu is one of the three lakes in the region of Erimitis, in Kassiopi and it is the one situated northernmost, near Avlaki beach.

  • Lake Brentanou

    Lake Brentanou in Corfu is situated near Temploni in the northern half of the island.

  • Lakes of Gaidarana

    The Lakes of Gaidarana in Corfu are situated on a large meadow in the north of the island and they synthesize an amazing ecosystem.

  • Kavourolimni

    Kavourolimni in Corfu is situated among the dense vegetation of the island, in a beautiful landscape near Poulades.

  • Vromolimni

    Vromolimni in Corfu is one of the three lakes in the region of Erimitis, in Kassiopi.

  • Akoli

    Akoli in Corfu is one of the three lakes in the region of Erimitis, in Kassiopi.

  • Lake Korission

    Lake Korission is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land and is the most significant wetland in the island, a nature landscape with unique beauty.

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