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What can anyone say or write about Culture in Corfu. A culture which was formed by the passing of the centuries, from Ancient Times until today and is presented to the visitor through the sites, the monuments, the archaeological sites, the customs and the traditions  of the land.

Dozens of cultural sights  synthesize the image of the city and of the countryside. There are not many archaeological sites, not because the island lacks of ancient past but because excavations have not yet begun in its largest part.

Hundreds of churches  in the city and in the villages, illustrate the deep religious faith of the Corfiots, churches which date back to the 11th century and which attract thousands of believers.

In Corfu you will find a series of various museums, even a Museum of Asian Art, hosting all the findings of the cultures that developed on the island. Great cultural centers promote even today knowledge, history and education with a purpose of maintaining the cultural identity of the Ionian Islands, among which are the first Musical-educational foundations in Greece - the famous to all Philharmonics of Corfu.

The culture of Corfu was also formed by the fact that the island was never under Turkish occupation. The influence of the Byzantine and the Venetian culture resulted in the development of music, theater and architecture but also morals and customs which were adopted by Corfiots and due to which Corfu is a unique cultural destination.

  • Tasty Corner

    Visit Tasty Corner Restaurant in Agios Stefanos of Corfu to enjoy a homemade dish, just like your mother would serve it.

  • Istiopoikos (Sailing Club)

    Enjoy the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine while traveling back to the Venetian Times at Istiopoikos (Sailing Club) Restaurant in Corfu

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