Corfu - Sports

The English occupation of the island, which lasted 50 years, left a mark amongst others and in sports, by introducing physical activities well known in Europe, but unknown to the Greeks. In Corfu the first cricket  game took place in Greece in 1823. Here, two centuries later, this sport recognizes huge growth, preserving 10 teams from a total of 20 which are active in the country. You can watch cricket games while drinking your coffee in Liston, in Spianada. It was here that the first tennis club was established in Greece by wealthy, English bred Corfiots. It took many years for this sport to be associated with people from working classes and with youngsters, but today tennis is very popular on the island.

Corfu is also a protagonist in sea sports. The Nautical Athletic Club Corfu (NACC) has swimming, sailing, rowing and polo teams and has nurtured thousands of children during its many years of existence.

Corfu can also be proud of its golf course, one of the most beautiful in Europe, which was created in 1973 and is a center of attraction for athletes worldwide. You can horseback ride and dive  in many places in the island, whether you are a professional or inexperienced, with the guidance of trainers.

The National Athletic Center of Kerkyra , near the airport, includes a football stadium which is home to the historical Football Club Kerkyra, an indoor swimming pool and an indoor gym-basketball stadium, facilities that serve all athletic clubs of the city.

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