Corfu - Walking Tourism

Corfu is the paradise for the walker, with landscapes completely different from each other and paths that cross either through dense vegetation, or a rocky coastline, or wetlands with lakes, or huge sandy areas. There are paths that many times lead to completely virgin beaches, such as Erimitis Path, in the north-eastern part of the island.

A very interesting idea for naturists and for those who wish to walk during their holidays and see the natural beauty of the island, is the Corfu Trail, a route of 220 kilometers which covers the whole island and passes through Venetian villages, wetlands, such as Lake Korission, significant sights, such as Achillion but, also through the many and different natural landscapes that are located in Corfu. This route demands 8 to 10 days and a good idea is to stay overnight in some of the picturesque villages which you will see during your tour. Apart from these two Paths, which have signs, the island offers even more infinite possibilities for hiking excursions. Equip yourselves with the proper shoes, a hat and discover beautiful places, away from the noisy resorts.

  • Erimitis Path

    Erimitis Path passes through dense vegetation, many isolated beaches and three lakes. It is a small paradise, remaining intact by tourism.

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