Acharavi beach

Acharavi beach is one of the largest beaches in Corfu which spreads in front of the big touristy and economic center of the region, Acharavi . Acharavi beach encounters Almyros beach on its eastern part and Roda beach  on its western.

The beach is a mixture of small pebbles and sand and its shallow waters, which do not exceed the waist for several meters from the shore, make it ideal for small children. In Acharavi beach you will find parasols and deck-chairs to let, showers and some facilities for sea sports such as waterskiing. Above the beach there are many restaurants and taverns, coffee shops and bars that stay open until late for the visitors of the region. Apart from all this, the beach is so large that you can find many secluded and tranquil parts in order to enjoy your swim, even in its busiest days.

Far away, in the west you can barely see Ereikoussa, one of the three inhabited Diapontia Islands in Greece.

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