Museum of Asian Art

It is one of those that make Corfu unique: the Museum of Asian Art which is dedicated exclusively to the Far East and to India and there is no other in Greece!

The Museum of Asian Art of Corfu is housed in the building of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, one of the most impressive of the Old City, in Spianada. The reason for its creation in 1928 was the donation of the Sino-Japanese collection by Grigorios Manou. Today this unique museum contains collections of about 15.000 objects of Asian art, while rare works of the museum are often presented in international exhibitions.

On the ground floor of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George are the three halls of the temporary exhibitions of the Museum of Asian Art, while the guests can still see the Conference Hall of the Ionian Senate, with its original furnishings. The Throne Room, the Hall of Symposiums and the Rotunda, the Circular Reception Hall that connects them are located on the first floor where, the permanent exhibitions are also:

  • Chinese Wing of Grigorios Manos: It occupies the seven rooms of the East Wing of the first floor of the Museum of Asian Art where, part of the Chinese collection is presented. The first four Halls follow in chronological order, while the next three are of thematic arrangement, allowing the deepening in certain, specific, areas of the Chinese art, such as miniature art, painting and export of porcelains.
  • Collection of Japanese art: The Japanese collection of the Museum of Asian Art includes about 6,200 objects, most of which date back to the 14th and 19th centuries A.D. The exhibits include weapons and brass objects of the Samurai, woodcuts and paintings of famous Japanese artists, ceramic works and porcelains, wood carvings, musical instruments, decorative objects, inro and netsuke, masks of the theater “NO”, boxes for writing (Suzuribaco), utensils of lacquer, painted Makemono, and others.
  • Wing of Nikolaos Hatzivassiliou and Japanese Wing: It spreads in the first four halls of the West Wing on the first floor of the Museum of Asian Art and owes its name to the donor. The remaining three halls of the wing include exhibits of Japanese paintings.

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Valid for: Archaeological Museum of Corfu, Antivouniotissa Museum, Museum of Asian Art, Old Fortress of Corfu.

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