Potamos is a big village, now a suburb of the city of Corfu, situated 4 Kilometers away. It is named after the river  that flows through the area providing the most important source of water for Corfu. The two banks of the river are united by the bridge of Asyrmatos, an architectural monument from the Venetian period.

Potamos is one of the oldest and most beautiful villages of the island. Many mansions still exist in the settlement dating back to the 16th century.  The church of Zoodohos Pigi – Agios Barbaros with the 35 meter belfry was built in the beginning of the 16th century. The church of Agia Eleousa on the hill was built in 1562, but was entirely destroyed in 1943 and was rebuilt. Next to Agia Eleousa stands the old school building of Potamos, built in 1741, which is in ruins today. For many years it schooled hundreds of students for their primary education. The ground floor was used as storage space and a part of it was used as housing for the priest. On the top floor were the classes.

Potamos includes mainly rural areas and extends to the sea in the region of Alykes. This particular region is famous for its many night clubs, coffee shops and restaurants which extend from the coastal road as far as the port of Corfu.

Religious events in Potamos

  • Litany of the Icon of Panagia of Dimosiana: takes place on the Sunday of the Blind Man, 35 days after Easter in memory of the miracle of Panagia who saved the village from drought in the 16th century. The litany begins at 6 in the morning from the church of Agios Barbaros and Zoodohos Pigi and reaches Tebloni  where the Liturgy takes place. In the afternoon, it returns to Potamos where a grand litany is performed in the village.
  • The 13th of September is a tragic anniversary for the village as in 1943, a german aircraft crashed on the belfry of the church of Agia Eleousa which was completely destroyed. Only a round stone found in the forecourt suggests the space where the old belfry once stood. On that day, at 8 in the morning, the church bells ring mournfully in remembrance of this tragic event.

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