Rodovani is located west of the main road Chania – Alikianos – Sougia, 60km from Chania on the municipality Kantanos – Selino. From Rodovani, one can drive to Sougia or Paleochora on the southern coasts.

It is an old village with many testimonies of its past, as several Byzantine churches and a very important ancient city.

In Rodovani, the church of Panagia, ancient basilica of about 1250, has remarkable frescoes. It is probably built on an ancient temple of Apollo.

Just outside Rodovani, in Kefalas, are distinguished the remains of the ancient Dorian city Elyros, which flourished in the 6th century BC.

On the way to Sougia, you will pass the villages Maza, famous for its aromatic, sweet, Muscat wine and Papadiana. Farther north, before arriving in Rodovani the road leads to the village Livadas, where it is worth visiting the church of Agios Prokopios with paintings walls of the mid- 14th century

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