Evros - Beaches

The beaches of Evros are all in the Thracian Sea and are situated on the south of the county, the area that is surrounded by the sea. They are distinguished based on their characteristics, and their geography: most are west of Alexandroupolis, the coastal route as Messimvria, the southwestern border of Evros. The beaches of Alexandroupolis  are all very close to the urban fabric of the city. Beyond, there are the beaches of Makri  and Dikella , with many smaller coves between them.

The beaches of Evros are great in length, the more are sandy, organized and collect the number of tourists seeking sea.

The nature in the northern part of Greece has given the best and the beaches of Evros are distinguished for their beauty. The Thracian sea is blue and all the beaches of Evros are scattered around the coast of Alexandroupolis provide an opportunity for swimmers to enjoy the sea and swimming.

  • New Chili Beach

    The beach New Chili is located in the homonymous suburb of Alexandroupolis, to the west of the city. It is sandy and popular.

  • Beach of the Transfiguration of Savior

    The Transfiguration beach is sandy and is located in the east of Alexandroupolis, very close to Traianoupolis and the Delta of Evros.

  • Beach of Messimvria

    The beach Messimvria is sandy and organized and located in front of the settlement and the archaeological site of Evros.

  • Beach of Makri

    The beach of Makri is organized and sandy. It is located in front of the homonymous tourist resort of Evros, at a short distance from Alexandroupolis.

  • EOT beach

    The beach EOT is sandy, perfectly organized and is located very close to the center of Alexandroupolis.

  • Beach of Dikella

    The beach of Dikella is located in front of the settlement of Evros, on the west coast of the county. It is sandy and the most popular in the region.

  • Beach of Agia Paraskevi

    The beach of Agia Paraskevi is secular, sandy and organized and is located just ten miles from the center of Alexandroupolis, Evros.

  • Kokkina Vrachia

    Kokkina Vrachia is a beach in Evros, in the west of Alexandroupolis. It is sandy and ideal for risky diving from the towering heights!

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