Evros – Cultural Attractions

The area gives prominence to a culture that exists thousands of years and constitutes a synthesis of all the nations that meet at that point and have occasionally prevailed. The sights of Evros include monuments, buildings, squares and churches that are a benchmark for the whole Greece, while the most known are famous across borders.

The lighthouse of Alexandroupolis is the trademark of the capital and one of the most recognizable sights of Evros. It dominates at the city’s port since the 19th century and it still works today for the ships approaching the city.

The area of Soufli gives prominence to a great tradition in the art of silk and some of its old “cocoon houses”, the old silk factories, are currently among the sights of Evros. You can still see Byzantine monuments and castles that used to be city fortresses from antiquity until the Middle Ages, as well as beautiful buildings that embellish the city streets and are included in the sights of Evros that no one should miss.

  • The lighthouse of Alexandroupolis

  • Christian Monuments in Didymoteicho

  • Castle of Kale

  • The Mines of Kirki

    The mines of Kirki are located three kilometers away from the homonymous village and have been abandoned since 1997.

  • Metropolis Square

  • Tzivre Silk Mill in Soufli

  • The Great Temenos (Didymoteicho)

    The great temenos of Didymoteicho is the most ancient mosque on European soil, one of the most important and the biggest of all in the Balkans.

  • The Cocoon House of Kalessi (a City Hostel named as “The cocoon”)

  • Castle of Pythio

  • Castles of Avantas and Potamos

  • Zarifios Pedagogical Academy

  • Garden Bridge

    The Bridge at the Frontier Station of Kipi in Evros belongs half in Greece and half in Turkey and is the road that connects the two countries.

  • Byzantine Aqueduct

  • The Manor House of Brika

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