Evros – Walking Tourism

  • Kremastos

    Kremastos is a waterfall in Samothrace that falls from a height of almost 100 meters directly into the sea!

  • Tourist Center of Feres

    The visitors are supplied with information and material by the Tourist Center of Feres in order to visit the Evros Delta starting from Feres.

  • River Ardas

  • Profitis Ilias

    Profitis Ilias is a big, very well organized recreational park with plane trees and running waters that is located near the village of Loutro.

  • Evros River

    The Evros river is the natural border between Greece and Turkey and it forms the Evros Delta, the most important wetland of the area.

  • Megali Vrysi

    Megali Vrysi in Feres of Evros has been formed into a recreation and relaxation area. The water that flows there has digestive properties.

  • Hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George)

    The Hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George) is located near Loutros and offers an amazing view from the Evros Delta to Samothrace and Alexandroupolis.

  • Lake of Tychero

    The lake of Tychero is an artificial lake of Evros and on its banks lies the Ecotourism Center that provides many activities relating to nature.

  • Information Center of Evros Delta

    The Information Center of Evros Delta is located in Traianoupolis and serves those that want to visit the Evros Delta starting from that point.

  • Information Center of Dadia Forest

    The best way to get to know the Forest of Dadia is to start your tour from the information center that operates in the homonymous village.

  • Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis

    Are located 14 km east of Alexandroupolis. There you can find a hydrotherapy center, hotels, shops and restaurants.

  • The Cyclops Cave

    In the Cyclops Cave in Makri, west of Alexandroupolis, have been found traces that testify the use of the cave since the Neolithic Period.

  • The Evros Delta

    The Evros Delta in the northeastern tip of the country is one of the most important wetlands in Europe.

  • Dadia Forest

    The Dadia Forest extends in the middle of the Evros Prefecture in 73,000 acres. The forest is of stunning beauty and it has been protected since 1980.

  • Petrified Forest of Fylachto

    In Fylachto of Evros is located one of the most well preserved petrified forests of Europe that is 25 million years old.

  • Hiking in Avantas

    Hiking in Avantas leads to some of the attractions around this village of Alexandroupolis.

  • Hiking in Kirki

    Hiking in the forest of the village of Kirki ends at the fire lookout station with the amazing view to Alexandroupolis and the Evros Delta.

  • Hiking in Nipsa

    Hiking in Nipsa is an easy route and connects the new with the old village.

  • Hiking in Maistro

    Hiking in Maistro, the plane tree area of Alexandroupolis, is an easy route for everyone in the lush nature of the region.

  • Hiking in Dadia

    Hiking excursions in the beautiful Dadia Forest. Four different paths to and from the Observatory and Gibrena.

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