Beach Demir Ali (or St. George)

The beach Demir Ali is known by the name of St. George and it is the most famous beach of Makri , in Evros. It is from Alexandroupolis  about ten kilometers to the west and is considered one of the best and most popular beaches on Evros . The travelers of the county will meet the beautiful coast between Alexandroupolis (in particular the coastal settlement of Chile in the city’s limits) and the village of Makri, in which essentially owns the beach Demir Ali.

The church that is dedicated to St. George and is located on the beach Demir Ali makes the beach known by this second name. The Turkish name of the coast means literally “iron” but it is not known how it came as place name.

On the sandy beach of Demir Ali, with gorgeous blue waters of the northern Aegean Sea, you will find organized spaces and large free section for those who prefer more relaxing moments by the sea. On the coast, there is also a restaurant and a café, where you can have the essentials and enjoy your coffee, drink or meal with a beautiful background landscape.

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