Border Crossing Points

Border crossing points serve the connection of the prefecture of Evros with Bulgaria. Practically, they are the entrance and exit points to Greece, where there is no customs control, as both countries are members of the European Union. At the border crossing points, there are police officers that check the travelers’ travel documents. The border crossing points are otherwise called border stations.

The border crossing points of Greece and Bulgaria are:

1. Kiprinos-Ivaylovgrad

2. Ormenio-Svilengrad

3. Nimfea-Makaza

4. Dikaia

Until today, most visitors and cargos pass via the border crossing point of Ormenio-Svilengrad. The point Kiprinos-Ivaylovgrad is of secondary importance, while Dikaia is a railway border crossing point.

In 2013, began the operation of the border crossing point of Nimfea-Makaza, which is located in Rhodope. Most visitors of Evros, as of the entire northern Greece, are now served by this point, as it significantly reduces distances.

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