The Carnival is celebrated in Evros, as throughout the country with events culminating, especially during its last week. The centre of Evros’ carnival is in Feres. On the Day of Clean Monday (otherwise Ash Monday, which is the first day of Lent) takes place the big carnival parade that is being prepared for many months. Participants of all age have a lot of fun and the party is over the next morning!

It is customary, in the evening of the last Friday of the Carnival season, to be organized an outdoor masquerade party in the centre of Feres. It is the signal for the the three-day revelry that stop in the early morning after Clean Monday. On the following day, Saturday, the Carnival pace is transferred to Alexandroupolis. There, the big carnival parade takes place, with children participating from all the schools of the area. Children…of all ages participate as well, enjoying themselves with humor and lots of fun!

On Clean Monday, the town of Feres welcomes back the Carnivalers of Evros for the big parade. The Carnival Association of Feres gives the signal and the thousands of carnivalers and visitors keep the pace! It stars the custom of the Camel, which is celebrated according to the tradition during the carnival of Feres.

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