Christmas Customs

Choirosfagia: The slaughter of pigs is the first of the Christmas customs in Evros. The traditional food of Christmas is “Babou”, that is the pig colon stuffed with chopped meat, leek, rice and herbs and all homes cook pork on that day. In Samothrace, on Christmas day, people eat roast pork on the spit.

Carols: A large proportion of the inhabitants of Evros are refugees from Eastern Thrace and so the carols sung during the Christmas days vary, depending on the origin of the inhabitants of each region.

Disguises: In many areas, one of the Christmas customs is the disguise of participants in a wild form, which usually takes place on Christmas Eve along with carols. Some of the names given to the masquerades are Rogkatsiarides, Tempelekia and Baboudiarei.

The Nine Foods: The Christmas Eve table, according to the Christmas customs, is set up with the Nine Foods, which are halva, olives, unleavened pie, cabbage, peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, pickles and pepper-and-salt. In some villages, it is common for the householder to put some money under the tablecloth for good luck. He who cleans the table, usually children, gets the money.

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