The custom of Epiphany in Dadia

The custom of Epiphany in Dadia, the village of Evros with the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, is also known as “daga-daga kirieleisa”.

In the afternnon of the Epiphany’s Eve, all the villagers go to the Monastery of Dadia and take the icon of the Virgin Mary. They lead it to the village, where ministry and authorities welcome it with honor. It passes through the streets and ends up in nthe church of Saint Nicholas, the patron of Dadia, where it stays overnight in the presence of the women of the village. The custom of Epiphany in Dadia has just begun.

On the day of Epiphany, January 6, the custom of Epiphany in Dadia culminates; after the mass, all young men of the village take an icon of Saint Nicholas, of those that can be transferred. They come out of the church and they run, holding the icons, around the village shouting “daga-daga kirieleisa”. Each time they find the church in their way, they circle it three times, shouting “daga-daga kirieleisa” (that is a “representation” of the bell’s sound and the “Lord have mercy”).

During the icon procession of the custom of Epiphany in Dadia the Wooden Cross goes ahead. It is held each year by a young man from a different neighbourhoud of the town. This young man, also, offers koliva (boiled wheat) in the church where the priest prays for the health of the residents and the crop fertility.

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