Customs and festivals

In the region of Evros, different people, coming from different cultures over the centuries, coexist. They were all found together in the region, being primarily refugees. These people never forgot their old homelands, but instead, they brought with them to their new homes all customs, festivals and traditions they were retaining there.

There are countless customs and festivals, mostly in the lives of rural villages. Usually, they are associated with religious celebrations, mainly Christian, but there are also various customs and festivals that have their roots in Turkish rule and the habits of that time. In almost all customs and festivals of Evros, there are ancient remains, mainly from the cult of Dionysus and the rituals of the ancient people for the fertility of the land.

Customs and festivals in Evros are set up in every occasion, throughout the year: from Christmas and the New Year’s Day to Carnival and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

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