Eleftheria is the biggest national holiday in Alexandroupolis. It is celebrated every year on May 14, the anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Bulgarian occupation and its integration into Greece, in 1920. The events last all May including various activities.

The history of Alexandroupolis is eventful, as the area has seen numerous invaders and has changed many hands before becoming Greek. After the Balkan Wars in 1913, the city that then was called Dedeagatch, was ceded to Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. However, as then the Bulgarians were defeated in World War II, they were obliged by the Treaty of Neuilly to cede the city to the interallied command, through which it was eventually ceded to Greece; on May 14, 1920 the Division of Xanthi disembarked at the city’s port, took down the French flag and put up the Greek one.

The peak of Eleftheria is always o May 14, with parade in the city, wreath laying and the main celebration at the port; that is a re-enactment of the convoy of 22 freighters, which the Division of Xanthi disembarked that day in Alexandroupolis. It also takes place the re-enactment of delivery in the city of Panagia Trifotissa.

Eleftheria continues with music and dances, theatre, chess competitions, sports events and many other events that vary each year.

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