Evros River

The Evros river is the longest river in the Balkans. It springs in the Rila Mountain of Bulgaria and its total length reaches 530 km. Its flow in the Greek territory is 204 km, all of it across the Evros prefecture, while it is also the natural boundary of Greece (and Europe) with Turkey.

It took its name from Evros, son of the legendary Thracian king Cassander. The Evros river is also known as Maritsa, mainly in Bulgaria. One of the countless myths and legends associated with the river says that in the waters of Evros, the Bacchae threw the head of Orpheus, after they have devoured him.

Evros springs from western Bulgaria, crosses almost the entire neighboring country to the east and flows into the Thracian Sea, where it forms the famous Evros Delta, one of the most important wetlands worldwide. It enters Greece in the area of Nea Vyssa and runs close to Pythio , Feres , Didymoteicho, Soufli and dozens of other villages in the region of Evros. The largest tributary of Evros is Ardas, which also runs through Greek territory in the north of the prefecture and flows into Evros near the village of Kastanies.

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