Festival of Ardas

The Festival of Ardas has established itself as one of the most successful Greek summer festivals. Music stages, activities of alternative tourism, sports, cultural events and thousands of visitors in a feast that brings youth together – and those who feel young!

It is organized on the banks of the river, in an area of 150,000 square meters located five hundred meters from the village of Kastanies, in Triethnes of Evros, that is the borders of Greece – Bulgary – Turkey. The premises of the Festival of Ardas consist of a main event space, where is the main stage, the secretary, the theatre, the information kiosks, the cafeteria, the infirmary and the outdoor dining areas. Right next, a small island is formed due to the low level of the river, which communicates with the shore via a floating bridge. There stands the second smaller stage of the Festival of Ardas.

The area where the thousands of visitors of Festival of Ardas can camp is located next to the event space. There, electricity facilities and restrooms are available.

Festivals, young bands, motocross racing, beach volley, riding, 4×4 racing, 5×5 football matches are only some of the events of the Festival of Ardas which has been continuously organized since 1995.


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