Hiking in Avantas

Visitors of Avantas, which is just 10 km north of Alexandroupolis, can choose from a lot of smaller or larger routes, most of which are ideal for hiking in nature both for beginners and inexperienced walkers.

The gorge is one of the most interesting places for hiking in Avantas. It is basically the forest around the village. Roe deer, wolves and great variety of birds-reptiles are just some of the animals found there.

Hiking in Avantas can have as destinations two of the major attractions of the whole region of Evros. First, the Castle of Avantas, which is indeed relatively unknown as you need to approach it enough to distinguish it. Hiking in Avantas approaches the ancient walls, the carved steps and towers, while provides endless views of the surrounding area. Very close is the Castle of Potamos, where you can also go on foot.

The rocky church of Saints Theodores is still a destination of hiking in Avantas. This is one of the caves in the area, within which lies the very old church of Saints Theodores. It hosts many frescoes of special value for religious art. The path leading to the temple is easily traversed and is one of the most spectacular routes of hiking in Avantas.

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